Simple Tips For Electrical Safety Around The Home

Electricity is an essential element in today’s world. With the emerging enterprises and various institutions have set up their business, electricity is seen as in indispensable. However, the advantages of electricity are many, but it can prove fatal, if not used properly.
Every year, thousands of people gets killed or sustain serious injuries due to the misuse of electricity. Electricity is a part of every household, but it can land people in serious trouble, if not used with cautious. We must be aware about the hidden dangers involved in it and use the electricity run appliance carefully

Here are a few simple rules that should be followed when using electrical appliances:
  • Never overload or over work power points.
  • Avoid placing many plugs ("piggy-backing") in one socket rather use power board for a permanent solution.
  • Cover and protect power points. Plug protectors should be placed all over the power points for child safety.
  • Water is sources of energy, therefore, bear in mind not to use wet hands while switching on any electrical appliance. Ensure to keep hairdryers and shavers away from getting wet.
  • Always avoid using electrical appliances or extension leads on wet surface.

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Los mejores trucos sexuales para volver loca a tu chica

Todo hombre desea volverloca a su chica en la cama, pero esto no es tan sencillo como se muestra en las películas. Para que la llama de la pasión con tu pareja se mantenga siempre ardiendo es importante innovar. Te presentamos algunos de los más interesantes trucos sexuales que puedes probar en tu próximo encuentro sexual.

Antes del sexo con tu pareja puedes preparar el ambiente, para sorprenderla y estimularla, buscar una música adecuada, usar una iluminación baja con velas o cubriendo las lámparas con pañuelos y perfumar el ambiente con inciensos o aceites.
También puedes introducir elementos atípicos en los juegos sexuales previos. Uno de los más placenteros trucos sexuales es jugar con comida; puedes comprar alguna crema o helado y untar su cuerpo, pueden saborear juntos algunas frutas potenciadoras de la sexualidad, como frutillas, moras o uvas.

Satisfacer a una mujer no es tan difícil como podemos pensar. Uno de los trucos sexuales más importantes es no apresurar el ritmo de tu chica, que suele ser más lento que el de los chicos. Los juegos previos son muy importantes; no te apresures yendo directamente a la penetración, hay muchos trucos que puedes emplear para excitarla y hacer la relación más placentera para ambos.
Los besos son un clásico indiscutido. Besos y más besos por todos lados. Puedes pasar horas recorriendo el cuerpo de tu pareja, besándola en sus orejas, su cuello, su boca, sus senos, el clítoris, los muslos y todos aquellos lugares donde ella demuestre sentir placer.
Durante el tiempo que dure el encuentro sexual es muy importante lacomunicación. Debes estar atento a todas sus reacciones; si algo la satisface puedes insistir allí, pero si algo no le agrada deja el tema para hablarlo luego.

El sexo oral es fundamental para las mujeres. No olvides que, luego del cerebro, el clítoris es el órgano femenino con más terminaciones nerviosas (y por eso mismo es muy sensible y debes ser muy cuidadoso). Uno de los mejores trucos sexuales es estimular la zona con tu lengua, no yendo directamente al clítoris, sino que puedes comenzar besando desde su ombligo hacia abajo, e ir avanzando lentamente y besándola en los alrededores. También puedes estimularlo con tus dedos o tu pene, pero debes estar seguro de que la zona se ha lubricado y hacerlo con mucha suavidad, sin presionar, de lo contrario podría llegar a ser doloroso para tu chica.
Al momento de la penetración debes estar seguro de que la vagina de tu chica se encuentra bien húmeda y de que está preparada. No debes forzar la relación sexual, de lo contrario será muy doloroso para ambos y tal vez les cueste seguir adelante. Si tu pareja tiene dificultades en su lubricación, en cualquier farmacia encontrarás gel lubricante, que también puedes utilizar para estimularla durante los juegos sexuales.
Si ambos están de acuerdo, también puedes comprar algo en un sex shop. Allí encontrarás una gran cantidad de objetos eróticos que aumentarán el placer sexual, tales como vestimentas de fantasía, consoladores y vibradores, películas y hasta golosinas estimulantes.

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Existen muchas variedades de vibradores, pero todos se caracterizan en el hecho de que vibran. La fuente de poder, por lo general son las baterías, aunque aun hoy en día existen los que se conectan a la corriente eléctrica. Los vibradores vienen en distintas formas, aunque muchos se asemejan a un pene o tienen forma fálica. Entre la extensa variedad de vibradores que existen, hay los que vienen con distintos niveles de vibración, los que están diseñados para estimular el clítoris, el Punto G, la vagina o el ano, e inclusive existen algunos que estimulan varias zonas al mismo tiempo. Los vibradores están hechos de distintos materiales como plástico, silicona, látex, gel (Polivinilo de Cloruro), etc. y vienen en distintos colores, formas, texturas y tamaños (por lo general de 10 a 25 cm. de largo y 1 a 5 cm. de ancho). Por último, existen también los vibradores resistentes al agua, los cuales puede ser utilizados en la bañera o en una piscina.

Por aqui les dejo algunas entradas populares:

What’s life without one?

“It takes a lot to eliminate a cockroach; even more to appreciate it.”
Which human does not shudder at the sight of a cockroach? The first reaction is to kill; the second, to chase it away. The presence of a cockroach also brings on feelings of guilt — that the house is not clean enough — or irritation, if you are in someone else’s house. The cockroach may be the most objectionable household insect. It consumes human food and contaminates it with saliva and excrement. It also produces secretions that impart a characteristic stinking odour.
Actually, the cockroach is an extremely useful scavenger. If you did not have cockroaches, no city could work, as they clean the drains into which every city human pours his filth. In the forest, the cockroaches eat the dead leaves and other decaying matter and turn it into mulch which is essential for the growth of new trees.
Let me tell you the marvels of the cockroach
If your children ever get to the moon they might find that the only inhabitants there are cockroaches. When the Apollo Space mission was going to the moon the astronauts noticed a cockroach in their spaceship. When they returned, the craft was thoroughly inspected and no trace was found of the cockroach. This has led NASA to believe that it crept out — with its usual curiosity and intrepidity — and was left behind. But how can a single cockroach populate a planet? Here lies the miracle. Some female cockroaches mate once and are pregnant for the rest of their lives!
Everything about the cockroach is amazing:
  • It can run three miles in one hour — the fastest insect alive.
  • It can hold its breath for 40 minutes.
  • It can live a week without a head, only dying of thirst because it has no mouth to drink water.
  • It can squeeze into cracks that are 1.6 millimetres thick — the equivalent of you trying to fit into a football.
  • It can survive temperatures as low as 0 degrees centigrade but when it gets really cold, it likes snuggling with humans or any other warm body.
  • It can recognise members of its own family just by their smell.
  • Its heart is a simple tube that can pump blood both backwards and forward and even stop at will without harming the insect.
  • The cockroach is the greatest escape artist of all time with an uncanny ability to sense danger, whether that of a live predator or a broom. How does it do that? With its hair (when was the last time your hair told you anything?)
Fine sensors
The cockroach has tiny hair on its back which are designed to bend easily. These hair grow in every direction and can sense changes in wind direction from all sides. For instance, when you lift a shoe from behind, the insect senses a slight change in the shift in wind pattern from behind as the hair on its back is pushed forward. It immediately darts off in a different direction. It has little claws on its feet so it can climb walls and of course it can squeeze itself under any door.
What is the role of a cockroach in helping the world survive: It is a scavenger. It cleans your sewers and other places by eating the filth that you create and which, if allowed to rot, would make disease unmanageable. It is eaten by other insects, frogs, snakes and birds. It has an important role in the decomposition of forest litter and excreta.
That doesn’t mean that you encourage it, only that you understand that its role in the world is more important than yours.
Never say die
Cockroaches are hardy creatures. The insecticides that have been invented to kill them are poisonous to human beings. Since they only kill adult cockroaches, they have to be sprayed several times a week. However, since cockroaches taste their food before eating it, they learn to avoid chemically-treated products. Therefore, most chemicals do not provide good long-term control.
There are several non-pesticide approaches to managing cockroaches, including food, water removal, natural repellents. The efficacy of each method may vary and combinations of methods may be necessary. Since cockroaches like to eat carbohydrates of vegetable origin, meat, grease, starch, sweets, and beer, the first act of cockroach control is to reduce or eliminate access to these foods. Here are some non-poisonous ways in which you can keep them away from your house:
Make a swab (pocha) of Eucalyptus oil — Two ounces per five litres of water and swab it daily. You can do the same with Peppermint oil — two ounces per five litres of water and concentrate on the areas where you think cockroaches come from. Rosemary oil — three ounces per five litres of water is another option.
Or Another option is:
  • Garlic oil but that will leave you uneasy as well, so use it when you really have an infestation and keep it only in the cockroach areas.
  • Okra (bhindi), raw or stewed. Place on a dish under sinks.
  • Stewed cucumber peel. Place one cup of the stewed peel in areas where cockroaches congregate.
  • Crushed bay leaves can be used to repel cockroaches. Put into cupboards, fridges.
  • Take some atta (flour), water, few drops of cedarwood, sandalwood and patchouli oil. Make little balls and place it in microwave oven, cupboards, drains etc.
  • Take camphor, carom seeds and some neem oil which can be sprinkled in drains to keep the cockroaches away.
  • Tie wild sage in bunches and hang around the house, around outdoor porches, terraces, window sills etc. Put basil, cayenne pepper, rosemary, dried root of khus khus.
  • Of course, the happiest thing is to keep chickens as pets — instead of as food. Chickens eat a wide range of insects, including ticks and cockroaches, and therefore can be used for insect control. Hence, in rural areas, chickens provide natural pest control.
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Full Throttle #2

"Quando o querer é verdadeiro, amar e foder significam exactamente a mesma coisa. E esta é coisa que não se explica. Falta sabedoria às palavras. À palavras inteligíveis sujeitas ao sufoco das regras. Quando os corpos se unem pela vontade e pelo querer, as regras vão-se para os primórdios animalescos da verdade humana. Vão-se para esses tempos recuados em que as palavras não enganavam. Em que os grunhidos e gemidos faziam justiça às emoções que moviam os corpos. Que falta me faz o animal! Que saudades do primitivo. Eu sou isso!"

In Sexo off the record, Paula Santiago.

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