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2.5 lakh students will be given water bottles!

These students are from 100 primary schools, run by MCD in Delhi,
which have no drinking water!

This is slated to cost the MCD, approximately 1.5 crores.

This truly harks back to the alleged quote by an insensitive member of the French royalty, which supposedly triggered the French Revolution: When a queen was told that her subjects were rising in protest because they had no bread to eat. Her solution : 'Oh if they don't have bread, give them cakes'! So if they don't have water, give them water bottles!

In any case why we are interested in the story is because our organization VOICE, carried out a comparative test story about these very water bottles that kids carry to schools, and published it in the May 2011 issue of 'Consumer VOICE'. We have several interesting findings to report.
Interested parties kindly contact : editor.online@consumer-voice.org for a full story.