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Emma Watson Nude Photos LEAKED

emma watson nude photos
emma watson nude photos

After celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton had their nude pictures leaked to the internet, Emma Watson was the next on the victim list, continuing the #Fappening trend! Her photos were leaked last night when a hacker had successfully hacked her iCloud and they are all over the internet now. The photos went viral on the internet right after they were uploaded, with more than 200,000 downloads in less than one hour.
It seems that she was targeted right after she made a comment on Twitter on the latest celebrities porn pics scandals for trying to defend the victims such as Jennifer Lawrence. Her words might had triggered the hacker’s interest and desire to hack her iCloud. The situation got worse when she was threatened right after her speech on United Nations. Ever since she got famous, she had always been the victim of fake naked photos which were Photoshopped. This is the first time that her real legit nude photos have been leaked to the internet.
The file contains 14 pictures that were taken from her phone camera, with 5 of them featuring a young man that was rumored to be her boyfriend. They were seen hugging together naked as shown in the pictures. The other 9 showed her naked body that were taken inside her bedroom and toilet.