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The International Days are spread all over the calendar and the good thing about these DAYS is that these days act as a successful tool to bring the world at one single platform. In the month of March there fall two International Days, one the International women’s Day and the other one we are going to discuss here in this article the International Consumer Rights Day. Need not to mention that approximately sixty percent of all the buyer and consumer is made by women only whatever the place at the planet. So the nod from the women is a necessity for most of the markets and manufacturers. Congratulations to all the women for being so much aware when it comes to the rights of the consumer.
In India came in existence the ACT to Protect the Rights of Consumer in 1986, 24 of December was the date of historical importance in market of this south Asian Sub-Continent.  People of all walks and different culture and economy backgrounds came at one platform with the help of Consumer Protection Act 1986. This was only a start of a dreadful and challenging voyage that took Indian consumer at international level of thought. As all the mankind is consumer of one thing and producer of some other thing supposed to be consumed by other people. Like every rights this one also anticipate and attract certain amount of responsibility. The whole world is consumer and the whole world is manufacturer, believe it or not we all produce something or the other and trust me some of us are producing smoke out of our vehicles and that is not less important than any other kind of production. The smoke being emitted from the pipe behind the transport running around in the city is creating big business for the hospitals and the good news is that we have more business and demands than we have service providers as far as medical help is questioned not only in the developing countries but in the well developed nations too.
Back home in New Delhi the consumer of electricity, water, and other basic amenities is unaware of its rights for there is no means the consumer compare itself with the consumers around the world. There are power cuts a dozen times in one single day and no claims are made against the organization, no law suit is introduced to the concerned authorities by the consumer. Taps give sewage water, visit a nearby park the grass is watered with the sewage water and your child is playing right there in front of your eyes in the sewage. Have you ever experienced the fountain around twenty five feet high producing beau…tiful mist, the dust of water flying with air flow coming all upon you and you are enjoying it immensely and you come to know all of a sudden its sewage water…….
So what we get as consumer is what we offer as provider as MJ says ‘we are the world’ and ‘saving our own life’ but the ground reality is different from what we sing all around. As consumers the Indians have to go through an evolution and that comes with the higher level of awareness not about the ‘rights’ but the ‘wrongs’ happening with them.