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Colors have many colors
the colorful land        
boasts the shades        
that has no end            
the color of purity love 
for forgiveness           
with elements                    
called poisonous   
There are different colors 
there are rich colors         
and there are poor colors  
there is no wrong of colors  
for colors are just colors   
white colors                    
blue colors                      
silver colors                    
gold colors                      
saffron colors                   
green colors                  
mixing different colors    
evolutes new colors    
colors have  different 
the language of 
contaminated water         
the language of illiteracy   
the language of rain     
outside and inside               
reflecting different colors     
we are richest                  
yes the filthy rich     
boasting giggling enjoying 
the biggest number of 
Loyal H. Lall