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Simple Tips For Electrical Safety Around The Home

Electricity is an essential element in today’s world. With the emerging enterprises and various institutions have set up their business, electricity is seen as in indispensable. However, the advantages of electricity are many, but it can prove fatal, if not used properly.
Every year, thousands of people gets killed or sustain serious injuries due to the misuse of electricity. Electricity is a part of every household, but it can land people in serious trouble, if not used with cautious. We must be aware about the hidden dangers involved in it and use the electricity run appliance carefully

Here are a few simple rules that should be followed when using electrical appliances:
  • Never overload or over work power points.
  • Avoid placing many plugs ("piggy-backing") in one socket rather use power board for a permanent solution.
  • Cover and protect power points. Plug protectors should be placed all over the power points for child safety.
  • Water is sources of energy, therefore, bear in mind not to use wet hands while switching on any electrical appliance. Ensure to keep hairdryers and shavers away from getting wet.
  • Always avoid using electrical appliances or extension leads on wet surface.